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Blazingly Icy Tropical Theme Wedding

Tropical wedding is connected to few seasons only whereas the most suitable season for a tropical theme wedding is summers or monsoon while winters are not good for tropical wedding. Tropical wedding is a spin-off of beach wedding themes where beach weddings could be starfish or seashells but tropical wedding mainly focuses on palms and banana trees and tropical flowers etc. Tropical wedding is to kill the heat of the summers and to stay cold so it talks about two entirely different feelings whereas beaches are loved by everyone because of its coolness and playfulness in summers and in monsoon beaches just charge up and clouds make them more energetic and vibrant.

tropical theme wedding

In a tropical theme wedding cool colors are used so blues do great while white remains there as a contrast with blue and your bride can not opt for anything other than a mystic and blazing white gown as her wedding dress. The bride can however wear a white colored small veil or if you are not from the veil brides go for wearing a crown made from natural flowers which will make you look as tropical as Hawaiian.

tropical theme wedding 1

You can experiment with the sitting arrangement and try something new by giving it a lounge like look and for that you will have to place low tables with cushions at the sides of it giving it a cozy look while you can keep comfortable couches to give your guests a relaxing atmosphere. Centerpieces play a prominent role in managing the look of the wedding so it is important to try on new and amazing things to place as the decoration pieces on tables.

tropical theme wedding 2

In tropical theme wedding there is no way you can miss on the sea creatures so you can put colorful fishes in a fish bowl and place it as a centerpieces on few tables and place pebbles in a bowl with romantic quotes written on it on other tables. It is very important that you change the water of fish bowl just before your wedding starts to keep the fish calm while quotes on the pebbles can be written by the flower girls and this would be fun for all the girls because there is no way you can leave your flower girls getting bored with no different activity to do. You can decorate the other parts of your wedding by covering the areas with palm trees and banana trees and there is no need to worry because you can rent all these trees. Give your wedding reception look of the mysterious lost island by covering it with plants, flowers and beautiful fish aquariums and this mysterious appearance will make your wedding as refreshing as ice in summers.

tropical theme wedding 3

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