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Black Tie Dress Code for Women To Look Glamorous

Black tie dress code for women event is an elegant affair usually held after six p.m. It can be a wedding, a show, a ball or a dinner which requires appropriate dressing. Black tie dress code for women is less formal than the white tie dress code event. Ladies have more options or flexibility to a black tie type of event when it comes to wearing an outfit than men. If one receives a black tie invitation, this means that you are required to wear something in the formal dress code clothing.

Black tie dress code for women demands to wear either a short cocktail dress or a formal evening gown compared with a white tie dress code that requires the most formal evening gown. Dresses for ladies to a black tie event can be floor length, may be below the knees or to the knees. Materials like satin, velvet or brocade are recommended. You want to express a classic style of dressing so do away with colors that are bright. For cold weather, you can wear formal dress coat and heavy fabrics. You have the option to wear a shawl or wrap but for summer, choose lighter colors and fabrics. Events for a black tie dress code for women may take long so make sure you wear comfortable shoes that match the color and materials of your dress or bag. Suggested shoes can be a dressy sandal, pumps or open-toed shoes.

Accessories are the finishing touches to the dress so make it simple and do not overdo it. Silver and gold as well as sparkly jewels and gemstones are recommended. You can match it with a small clutch or bag that also matches your shoes and dress. Cleavage and showing of skin is acceptable and maybe specific to the person. When it comes to the length of the dress, make sure that it is age appropriate. A younger girl can wear something to the knee that will show her beautiful and sophisticated look but if you are an older woman, you don't want to take the risk.

Hair and makeup should be done by professionals when it comes to looking elegant in a black tie dress code for women, but if you want to do it on your own, simplicity is the key and to make it look classic. For the hair styles, an up do hairstyle for women is recommended. Long flowing hairstyles sweeping the shoulders are not accepted for a black tie event. To up do ones hair is to keep all hair pinned up. You may decorate it with flowers or pins.

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