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Black And White Wedding Theme Ideas-Simple Yet Elegant

There are a variety of colors that combine and can make a wedding in heaven. But one color combination that stands out distinctly. That combo of two colors is black and white. Black shows class while its partner shows a clean heart. Some benefits are that you don’t have excessive hair loss while finding wedding material of these colors. There are many black and white wedding theme ideas, so you don’t have to strain your mind to arrange a wedding that will only not be remembered by the bride and groom but also by the people who were invited. When we talk about invitation, it means that it also should be in black and white. Black page with white letters and page borders. Moving onto the wedding wear, the bride will wear a white wedding gown with black designs while the bridesmaids wear black. The shoes can be white of both the bride and her bridesmaids. On the other side the groom wears what a normal groom would wear because their normal wear is black and white or a white suit with black tie and handkerchief. The decorations of white and black wedding theme also will definitely be black and white. All the lamps should be black as the light glowing inside is white and also will result as black and white. Table cloths can either be white or black as per your choice. The chairs also should be covered with table cloths of the same color as the table with ribbons of the opposite color. Black and white cushions can be used in decoration. Some black vases with white roses inside. White glasses with black glass bottles. White plates and bowls with black forks, spoons etc. One of the many unusual wedding theme ideas are striped umbrellas hanging upside down. Some black candelabras with white candles. Black and white fountains, cake stands and chandeliers. Some flowers hanging upside down can also be set up. Black and white curtains and black and white spot lights flashing all over. The cake sticks to the mentioned theme, black and white. Either fully black with white decoration or fully black with white decorations, both look stunning. Black and white fudge cakes also are good. The cake stands can be silver, gold, chrome, white or black. Black gumball machines can be kept at places. Black and white candy bars, lollipops etc. for the kids. There are lots of natural and artificial things can be found in decorating wedding in black and white wedding theme ideas.

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