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Bits of Advice on Western Theme Wedding Ideas

A unique way to take the wedding vows and tie a know it to plan your wedding around western theme wedding ideas. Simple and sophisticated feel is what attracts people towards western weddings. For all those who grew up in west and also all those who wish that they would have grown up in western parts are inclined to stage their wedding on western theme wedding ideas.

Here we present some useful advice on staging this themed wedding:
  1. Wedding Invitations Invitation cards are the first thing that sets the tone of wedding. So ensure that you use colours on the invitation cards which relate to the colour choices of western parts. Denim, brown and gold are much preferred colours to match the theme of western theme wedding ideas. After colours, carefully choose the wordings to be used on the cards for inviting all on your big day. Neither try to be too casual in approach, not too formal. Play around with a mix of old and new words and verbiages.
  2. Wedding Attire The options for wedding dresses based on western theme wedding ideas are limitless. While sundresses or apron dresses suits the maids, vest over casual dress (a shirt and jeans) is perfect for men. And think no further than the cowboy boots to suit the attire.
  3. Make up You cannot imagine attending the occasion without make-up, right? Well, the idea of make-up in western theme wedding is to keep the things simple yet attractive. Carrying a light shade eye shadow and blush as per the colour of attire would be fine for the occasion. You can avoid colouring your cheeks and covering your lips in dark shades of red, brown and maroon. Try to look natural and soft. But off course! You can put on hats especially the cow boy hats with veils.
  4. Favors Just like attires, there is no dearth of ideas for favors to be given to guests around the western theme wedding ideas. You can give them cowboy hats piled with sweet candies or you can gift the cowboy boot glass filled with nuts and raisins. You can also come up with other ideas such as presenting your guests a jar of honey or giving them small cacti plants in label pots.
  5. Chow at the Occasion The meaning of chow is food. Choose to serve dishes of chicken, bread and salad with hot sauces. Serve drinks such as ice tea, lemonade cream soda and root beer. Let them enjoy the unique dishes that they may not already know of. 

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