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Between love and madness lies high street fashion!

Fashion is all about what you adopt from the surroundings or can say what tradition is running around you. Different areas different localities and different classes have their own way of fashion. It depends on how open minded or broad minded you are. It is not only about your open-mindedness, one should wear the dresses according to what is the trend of the place. It is not about if you’re going in a place where there is low class locality, and you wore the dresses that are not acceptable in that society. High street fashion is all about high standard fashions. People who are rich are more before brands they pick the things that are more or more expensive. The most common thing about high street fashion is that they don’t care about how they look or if the fashion suits them or not. Fashion is introduced to give you ideas about your entire look.  You have to choose it wisely how to convert it into your style to look unique.

This year Crazy fashion trends about makeup and dresses are introduced.  Peacocks eye makeup and hairstyle are the craziest fashions for the parties. Dark eye makes with nude lipsticks looks amazing on a girls face. Lipsticks are not ending up on the lips now a day’s people are making their lips funky by giving it a different look. Dragging lower lip’s corner and making tattoos on it is a very cool fashion. Studs on eyes, nose, tongue, ear and eyebrow bone look bold on one’s face. With the studs try to wear dark colored dresses with high heels and sleeve’s fewer tops, black jewelry and of course hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous. Studs are the most common high street fashion.

Before dressing up for any party look at your wardrobe and yourself if, you’re mentally prepared for the party or not? Go anywhere you want to go don’t force yourself to get ready for a boring party. Your way of dressing and the look you pick makes you feel beautiful from the inside and also from outside.

Here are some fashion tips that must be followed before getting ready for a hangout.  Choose the color of the dress according to the time of the day if it is night or daytime. Makeup and accessories must be of the perfect contrast or the same color. Most importantly,  never forget to carry smile on your face.

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