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Best Favors For A Lighthouse Wedding Theme To Brighten Your Wedding

Lighthouse wedding theme is very similar to nautical wedding theme. Weddings start if there are guests and guests come if invitations are sent. So, weddings start with invitations. Now, if guests come to your birthday party, you give them exchange gifts at the end of the party. The same thing goes for weddings, the only difference is that the exchange gifts here, are called wedding favors.Lighthouse weddings are getting very famous now days. Lighthouse themed wedding favors are very unique and attractive. Below are some very famous lighthouse wedding theme favors that can be used by anyone who is having their special day based on a lighthouse theme.

  • By the sea lighthouse key chains are on the top of the list. These key chains are attractive and give the after feeling of a lighthouse themed wedding. Another benefit of giving this as a wedding favor is that it is not very big and is not bulky at all. Lighthouses look very cute as key chains.

  • Lighthouse shaped filigree on candle is also a good idea, and even this favor is not big and bulky. It is beautiful and the guests can either use this candle as decoration in their house or if wanted, they can even light it and use it as a candle, although it is far more beautiful than a normal candle.

  • Lighthouse shaped soap is given as favors by those people who like to gift people things that are useful to them and will be used. This is an idea that is now days used a lot by people that are having a lighthouse wedding theme to make their special day even more memorable. This soap can be found all over the internet. It also has ocean scent and is found mostly in ocean related colors.

  • The easiest favor to find and also buy is to gift some nautical fruits and small nuts in a nautical inspired box or gunny bag. The gunny bag or box should be tightened by a rope which has been tied with a sailor’s knot, because this also gives the nautical and lighthouse feeling.

  • Don’t forget to wrap the wedding gift or favor nicely and use decorated gift paper bags also to carry the gift in it.

These were some top ideas on what you can give as a favor on your tropical themed weddings or lighthouse wedding theme. Some other things are nautical related folk art on a piece of wood, lighthouse related household things. All the above mentioned things are good but it is better to give something that your guests can use and also decorate with if wanted.

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