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Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

First impression I got after looking at this beauty and the beast wedding theme was that the bride selecting this theme must think that her boy is a beast but when I analyzed it deeply than I got to know that no this is something entirely different and this wedding theme is one of the best wedding themes from Disney because Belle is favorite Disney princess of many people around. This theme is not about the groom being beast but this theme is for all those couples who doesn’t seen made for each other because of entirely different life styles, personalities and ways of thinking but still at the end they are turn out to be the best as if they are only made of each other. I am writing down the story moral in a way but it is true that this theme is for true lovers who don’t care about what everyone else thinks about them but they only care about each other.

beauty and the beast wedding theme

In the beauty and the beast theme use books and red roses in the decorations whereas you can place escort cards under the books in the shelf and place books in the alphabetical order so that your guests don’t find it difficult to search for their book however keep the replica escort cards on the tables for your guests to reach there. This activity just at the entrance will be the first encounter of your guests with the theme however you don’t need to announce your theme by putting a lot of quotes because your wedding setting will say enough about the theme.

beauty and the beast wedding theme 1

The beauty and the beast themed wedding should have something magical and passionate in it and that passion can spread through red roses. The beauty and the beast bride has to look like Belle well not importantly but I would suggest you to wear a golden colored wedding dress which would be chiffon with sweetheart frill draping on the floor giving you the royal look.

beauty and the beast wedding theme 2

There is one other thing you can do which is crazy but greatly relevant to the theme you can take the red rose petals from your bridal bouquet and boil them because boiling would convert petals into beads and then you can save those beads in a rope and keep your wedding roses with you forever and for the lifetime. You can give yourself the final touch to be the beauty of the day through setting a sea of curls in your hair and then decorate those curls with beautiful flower beads.

beauty and the beast wedding theme 3

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