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Beautiful and Memorable Beach Theme Wedding Favors

It is better if the wedding favors given away reflect the theme of the wedding and are lasting and helpful to the guests while there are number of beach theme wedding favors that you can present to the guests but the common issue comes in is that how many people are given the favors? Are they main guests or every individual or each couple? These things are important to notify in advance so that you can remain in your budget and provide your guests with the best favor they have ever got whereas the favors are to be selected very thoroughly because it is bride’s way to say thanks to the people who accompanied her to start her new life and this makes it sensitive.

beach theme wedding favors

The beach theme wedding favors could be a photo frame which is obviously designed by seashells, starfishes or palms anything you have incorporated in your wedding while you can give it away with the pictures of the people you are giving it to. Finding pictures of friends was a difficult earlier but now with increasing trend of social networking sites it is not a big deal and giving it away with the picture in it will make your guests more excited as empty frames are given by everyone.

beach theme wedding favors 1

Another thing to give away is starfish bottle opener or wine stopper these things will bring in the royalty and this could also fit in your budget while you can also skip the customization part as in the photo frame if you are short of time. Another thing could be giving away beautiful wine glasses or you can even give away bottle of wine to each guest but that would be expensive if this comes in your budget I bet this is the best favor you can give away to your guests.

beach theme wedding favors 2

If your wedding is going to be a crowded wedding with loads of people in it and you are out of budget to afford expensive favors simply provide your guests with beautiful beach flip flops at the site which they can take away with them while you can customize gifts for very important guests i.e. close friends, relatives etc. There are numbers of beautiful gifts available but they should relate to your beach wedding so in accordance to the theme you can give away miniature folding beach chairs or miniature woven beach bags as well. Favors could be anything but make sure that you put in your generosity in it because at the end whatever you give to your guests if you present it with humbleness and love they will readily welcome and accept it.

beach theme wedding favors 3

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