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Beach Theme Wedding Cakes for a Perfect Beach Wedding

Beach theme wedding can be a perfect budget wedding as you can organize reception and wedding at a same place, cutting a big chunk of money from your wedding budget of renting a reception hall or wedding hall and save you in cost and time of transportation between two places. Beach theme wedding costumes should be accordingly simple and elegant; it should not be very heavy unless it might be problematic to walk on sand. Beach theme wedding cakes can be of same color as bride’s dress too. You can also hire a beach which has payment to walk on, that can be not only be comfortable for bride and groom to walk but also for elderly or physically challenged guests. The decoration of beach wedding can be also simple as the natural surroundings of beach is extraordinary beautiful itself. A white canopy to protect the guests from direct breeze is more than enough. Color of decoration can be white, blue, sea green and items like sea shells, hurricane candles etc. will go well as a part of decoration. Beach theme wedding cakes are one thing you can actually experiment with and make it look attractive by using sea shells, star fish or different marine animals’ models as toppings and color of the icing could be white, cream, blue, sea green etc. that blends well with the natural color of ocean. As it is obvious that beach wedding is an open area wedding you should keep in mind that the location and weather play a big role in making it successful. So set a date of your wedding when weather is nice and pleasant, beach can be very hot in day time even in winters. Another things needs to be in mind is tides. Make sure your wedding venue is not very near to the tides unless waves can spoil the reception. Alternatively, if you can afford and if you have any doubt in organizing beach wedding by yourself then it is better to rent any open beach resorts or boat clubs that are generally available near famous beaches that can also give you the perfect settings of beach theme wedding, a perfect location or spot in their private beach, perfect service for catering and undoubtedly will make your day wonderfully memorable.

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