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Be the Family Beauty with Some Fancy Thanksgiving Jewelry

The one time in a year where you get to meet all your cousins, aunties, uncles and lovely grandparents, all at one place is definitely the thanks giving. It does not matter if you are invited as the guest or you are hosting the party, you are supposed to look in the best way you can. Dressing up for thanks giving would not be completed until or unless you beautify it with some lovely thanksgiving jewelry.  It’s the time when every member of the family is going to look at you that how well you have groomed up yourself in the past year, so customizing yourself to the up most limits has to be the top of the list in your mind.

Although the dressing on thanks giving is not strictly formal, but some cute pearl earrings can add a glimmer to your simple top with a pair of jeans. Thanksgiving jewelry can be themed as fall season based as this will be the season of the year when you meet up for the thanks giving party. Gold jewelry is preferred but it should not be that heavy. A golden petal or a leaf pendant will look like a marvel with you regular chain if you wear one every day.

There should not be any fuss created when you are going to pick something for the thanksgiving jewelry. It’s not your wedding jewelry that you are going to spend dollars to buy something expensive designer stuff. You can even make p some simple yet lovely jewelry if you have a little know-how. All you need is simple chains and pearls and you can mix them up on your own to come up with a fabulous necklace to wear.

Choose rustic colors for your thanksgiving jewelry, as it is the color of the season. If you are not into gold that much you can always opt for copper or bronze. Patterns can be of leaf or petals or even a flower will look good. Do no exaggerate your simple look on thanks giving by wearing heavy jewelry that you find hard to carry around. It is the time when you get to be yourself with your family so try to keep it as simple and as easy you can. Do not go for neck fitted necklaces that will make it hard for you to help yourself on that roasted turkey!

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