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Be Delightful With Wedding Beach Themes

There are few wedding beach themes couples move around to incorporate in their weddings in order to make it delightful, amusing and charming but no one thinks of putting in their own creative ideas to make it better and amazing than those themes already available in the magazines of wedding planners and designers. I have got few ideas here for beach wedding themes which can make your wedding unique and more enjoyable than all other themes available around you. Palm trees, sea shells, starfish are already in the minds of people but I wonder if anyone has though of integrating mermaid or aquarium theme into their beach weddings.

wedding beach themes

Beach wedding is normally celebrated at day time but there are few who can dare to do it at night and night time beach wedding is drastically mesmerizing than that of a day time. I have got an idea here if you merge aquarium and starry night theme into one and customize you own beach wedding theme however this idea is not celebrated by many so be the first one and rock your grand evening with all the excitement available.

wedding beach themes 1

Dark blue mid night color is to be used in your beach wedding with the combination of white whereas you can put two more colors into the theme and that colors should be of aquarium and the colors included for aquarium could be red and silver. Your wedding cards could be designed with fishes on it and the night background to give the idea of your theme to the guest and the decorations could use all these four colors in the tableware, flower bouquets and dresses of bride, groom, bridesmaid and flower girls. You as a bride can wear the red and white colored dress and the flower girls can do great with the blue colored dress while your dress could be designed in a mermaid shape giving you a look of beach princess.

wedding beach themes 2

It would be great if you arrange an aquarium customized according to your theme colors and put it in the background of the place where you have to take the vows. This great and latest idea will spread all the pleasure around your guests and they will want to live your day for you. The starry night and aquarium combined together into the beach theme could give the delightful spirit to your guests. Your guests will not have experienced such a great wedding beach themes ever before so fasten your seat belt and start planning the ever blasting wedding reception.

wedding beach themes 3

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