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Be A Fashionista In A School Dress Code

A school dress code has been imposed on by the school for students not to freely wear what they want and to give respect to the school itself. There are schools that have imposed school uniforms that should be strictly followed.  Wearing school uniform brings discipline to students, produce uniformity among all the students and it breaks the barriers of social classes. School uniforms being strictly implemented in the school will benefit the parents and the students. For the students it will instill responsibility, commitment and discipline to oneself that will make them achieve belongingness that will be part of their guide in their future life.

School uniforms will help the parents will low income to save money because they do not have to buy lots of clothes for their children to wear to school. But then students wearing uniform can still look fab by wearing makeup and simple jewelries to beautify them. There are schools that do not impose school uniform and they are allowed to express themselves in wearing clothes according to the school dress code. Students should follow the school dress code to show respect to the school rules and policies with regards to the school dress code clothing.

Girls are strictly restricted to wear tops that are too revealing like strapless tops, plunging necklines, sleeveless blouses and any attire that reveals the undergarment. Girls should not wear anything that reveals their skin like showing off their back and shoulders. They have a lot to choose from to express themselves in a casual dress code. You can wear knee length or long fashionable dresses to school and wear chic closed or open toe sandals. For the pants, you can wear jeans, leggings or khakis and pair it with a fab shirt or blouses. You can also wear trendy t-shirts and pair it with a jacket or a sweater.

To look more attractive with your chosen attire for the school dress code you can wear a light makeup for a fresh cool look. Use a blush, a light eye shadow and a lipstick that is more on the lighter side like pink. Use a lip gloss on top of your lipstick or you can just opt to even use lip gloss only. You can wear hair scarves, clips or headbands to add up to your hairstyle. Accessorize your clothing by wearing earrings, bracelets, necklaces and trendy watches. Use a trendy backpack and chic purse to make you look great.  

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