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Basic wedding shower themes and ideas

There are so many wedding shower themes and ideas nowadays. Sometimes there is so much pressure that comes with hosting wedding showers that it seems equivalent to hosting the wedding itself. However with the right themes and ideas it will seem an easy task to go about.

To start with some very helpful ideas ensure that the wedding shower is hosted be the maid of honor unless she willingly refers the job to someone else, who should be a close relative or a close friend. Ensure that the mothers of the bride or groom are not involved in hosting the shower or even in its planning. You can however give them another job in the shower, perhaps ask them to run the shower games or even record the gifts as they are opened.

A wedding shower should not include a large group of people. Invite both the brides and grooms mothers, sisters and ten to fifteen of the brides and grooms closest friends. Also ensure that you don’t invite anyone who is not invited to the wedding. Send invitations including brides and grooms full names, Names of the invitee and date, time and location of the shower ensuring the invitations are sent four to six weeks before the wedding.

 When we look at the wedding shower themes, you can either choose to go for the around the clock shower, where guests are encouraged to bring gifts that correspond to a particular time of the day. If for example your invitation is labeled, “noon”, ensure you bring a gift which the couple can use for lunch. Maybe a picnic basket would be a preferable gift.

You can also go for the money themed shower. As it clearly states it’s all about money. Here a financial contribution could replace the gifts or even come together with gifts as well. Guests can as well volunteer to cater for all expenses that the couple will spend during their honeymoon. If the couple has a need for cash other than that for honeymoon, it would be best to communicate that personally through word of mouth other than noting it in the card.

There are various others which can also be used, for example the “Nature shower”, here gifts are based on nature for example flowers, we also have the “Recipe shower” where guests are asked to bring their favorite recipe along with them, the “Kitchen shower” where guests are asked to bring kitchen related gifts to the shower party.

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