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Back to School Outfits - Be A Pretty Student

Summer vacation is so lovely that you have enjoyed your excellent travel, such as surfing on the blue ocean, enjoy the sunshine on the beach, go to the forest to experience the magical nature or just stay in the home feel the leisure time with your family and dear friends. The summer vacation is so good that you couldn’t say goodbye with him. But the reality is that you must go o school to study. In order to be happy when you went to school, beautiful outfits will light your heart and meet the study challenge. The back to school outfits is different with your vacation clothes, you should be smart and pretty. The simple style is your good choice.

Fashion is the match of the blue blouse.

Basics can shows your good fashion taste and you will save your money at the same time for the basics can be used in many styles. The main point ofsimple style is choosing the basic color.Pairing by color is nice, and has an especially nice effect if you use the same colorhangers.Blue is a good choice. You can reference the matches on the picture.


Long sleeved shirt has the light blue color, jeans harem is the hot fashion basic item. The match is sober and relaxed. The dark blue bags can up the quality of the skirt and harem. On the other hand, the dark color can enrich your performance. Shoes will be the shining part in yourbody. The candy blue can light your image. There is another mix rule of same color is the particular accessories. The same color may be monotonous, the fierce accessories will solve the problem. You can try the big ring or necklace, punk bracelet also ia good choice.

If you like this style, please share your experience with me !

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