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Autumn Wedding Themes- Ideal For September Born Couples

Autumn wedding is great for the wonderful weather, the beautiful scene it creates due to fallen flowers and leaves on the ground. People who are born in September can plan their wedding also in September as it will be easier to remember the date plus they will be able to celebrate two of their important days together in one month. Autumn wedding themes are popular among wedding planners as there are so many public holidays comes in the month of September so it is easy for people to plan to attend your wedding. Guests and relatives who have to travel from out of the city to attend your wedding that might be easier for them to plan and come during holidays. Another reason for fall weddings of being popular is the comfortable warm weather in this month, people feel comfortable to attend even evening party. If you arrange your wedding outdoors in the morning or day time then you will get a naturally beautiful landscape of fallen flowers all over the ground and gives a magnificent natural carpet to you and your guests. Autumn wedding themes are great to play with colors, you can use lot of bright colors in this season, though weather is comfortably warm but towards evening it starts getting chilly so it is advisable to keep some heat lamps around the reception area at night. It is advisable to keep some warm shawls or wrappers for guests who don’t carry anything warm coat or clothing as they would bring in winter wedding with them. It may be a good idea to print a small warning message on the invitation card for guests to bring some warm clothing with them if you are arranging your reception in the evening because in autumn season where afternoons are quite warm, nights get a bit chilly and people while coming out of their home in the afternoon for the wedding sometimes forget to remember that it will get late in the wedding party and they will need something warm to wrap themselves. These wedding themes are good for decoration purpose too, this is the time to get dahlia flower in abundance and that can be used extensively in decorating centerpiece and reception hall. It can be used in bride bouquet too as it is bright in color and gives warm and attractive look to bride’s white dress too.

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