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Autumn Colors Are The Best For Wedding Themes For September

September is autumn time and autumn colors are best for wedding themes for September. You can choose any of your favorite bright color such as orange, brown, green. In autumn trees shed their leaves and ground looks naturally beautiful because of these colorful flowers and leaves, it gives a natural carpet and a beautiful landscape to your wedding. Once you have selected your favorite wedding theme color then decide for other arrangements. In September, weather is temperate and not so cold and not so hot so you can easily plan your wedding either in the morning or in the evening. You don’t need to spend on temperature control devices and guests would enjoy the beautiful weather if you organize your wedding outside. Once you agree on color and timing of your wedding reception then think of location, for fall weddings outdoor location is very ideal as weather is pleasant in this month. You can rent a place in any farm house, open resort, beach or even an open country landscape area to organize your wedding reception. Now next is to think of other stuff like bride and groom’s wedding costumes, food and other decorations etc. bride and groom costume should be designed as per the weather. Bride dress can be made more sensual by making it short or having shoulder cut design. As the weather is not cold so bride can wear this kind of costume. Groom’s suit should be also made out of cool clothing and if acceptable he can wear something lighter than suit too. Wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding preparation; cake can be of chocolate brown with orange and green color toppings. Icing can be given shape of leaves and flowers. And if you like white cake then you can go for vanilla cake with same color toppings. Centerpiece can be of natural things like flower and leaves too. Wedding decorations should include orange flowers, green leaves and different seasonal flowers and fruits; you can even use fake flowers and fruits too for decorations. In fall weddings or September wedding themes one should use mostly natural things for decoration instead of artificial things like lights and crystals etc. If you don’t like too much of orange; then brown and green color is another option of wedding themes for September. These are more natural and autumn colors. Brown can be the color of bridesmaid’s dress and orange can be used minimally just to give a little bit contrast and brightness to the occasion.

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