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Australia honeymoon

Speaking to Christmas always lets a person associate to man snowflakes in the Christmas tree lights haunted, for this Christmas day did you want to come over some other interesting? As to the southern hemisphere of Australian! The December is thick summer, not winter snow, no fire, no cold snap wreak havoc, only endless vitality and colorful summer! In fact, from the 1960 s to the present day, Australia Christmas attracted a large number of tourists in the northern hemisphere, especially famous people, Hollywood Australia star will return to Australia to celebrate the Christmas, such as Tom Hanks and foreign star will also choose to Australia on vacation every year, make every Christmas in Australia's east coast as Hollywood celebrities on vacation place of first choice. Australia's Christmas is unique, come here, you will see the "three great wonders" spend an amazing special Christmas day.---Australia honeymoon


One of the wonders: "alternative" Santa Claus

Elsewhere Santa Claus is wrapped in thick red quilted jacket, driving the reindeer sleigh drive to the winter warm fire for everybody to send gifts, and here, if do not take care to see Santa Claus wearing "cool" vest underpants, slide the surfboard hurrying to, will make people below glasses. And Australia's Santa Claus like this country young and energetic, he will be a surprise visit any place, to bring you surprise - water scooters, carriage, motorcycle, pony car often can see his shadow, even in the fire engine and a police car stay in the morning it is not surprising that, very is a cowardly. Every year during Christmas, before Sydney will have all kinds of performance, with water feature and the dim light of night, summer night breeze and Christmas atmosphere is comfortable. And the way to play against the Christmas Eve of outdoor concert, Sydney the orchestra and chorus will show many thrilling Christmas songs, collocation of the geographical conditions, the concert will also be high by Santa Claus bring, he will be in the concert riding a motorcycle of water play, again with real play the koala, overturn all traditional Christmas impression.---Australia honeymoon


Christmas must be terrific the gluttonous feast, different from the traditional western festival recipes, in Australia's Christmas you can enjoy all kinds of food and festival. Many styles of Christmas food benefit from Australia's immigration culture, so the multivariate, fashionable diet culture is particularly attractive, not to mention the vast continent type special specially here are from tropical fruit, seafood, choose to wine everything of food. And Christmas Eve where to go to enjoy dinner will be most comfortable? The Australian people will tell you, go to the beach to a "Christmas barbecue dinner!" Sydney on bond beach Christmas barbecue party every year to attract millions of people, the barbecue of all kinds of fresh seafood, and then coated with olive oil, chili sauce, curry and coriander, with the beauty of the beach.---Australia honeymoon


Climate: Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, December to February there is summer, temperature is about 25 degrees to 35 degrees.

Currency: Australian dollars (Australia Dollar), known as AUD, and RMB exchange rate of 6:1. 5 ---Australia honeymoon


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