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Astounding Italian Wedding Theme Ideas

When all is said and done, an Italian wedding theme is not easy to pull off. This theme is known to represent class and sophistication and is best suited for those couples that believe that they represent exactly that. If you the kind of couple that loves simple or casual things, I would advise you not to go for this theme. On the other hand, if you love style and luxury, the Italian wedding theme is probably the best for you. Italians, from whom this theme is based, are known for their love of luxury and first class things. Italians are known to love good food, which is why most of the foods we love originate from there. If you are considering an Italian theme wedding, below are a few of the things that you need to consider.

When considering an Italian themed wedding, you need to first of all understand, what the theme represents. This theme represents luxury, so everything that you will have at your wedding will have to be expensive and of high class. You will not have a poorly shaped cake, or bad clothes, but will be required to dress up in clothes that appear expensive. When you choose this theme, everything you do should be of first class quality. Since it is an Italian based theme, you should consider using some Italian wedding traditions. For example, you can try to walk to the chapel as a couple, which is regarded as invoking the spirit of Veneto in Italy or something similar to a gorgeous Tuscan wedding theme. Another respected wedding tradition in Italy is the cutting of a log in front of the chapel by the couple.

In Italian tradition, the bride is supposed to wear a veil and the groom carries a piece of the bride’s cloth in his pocket. This is one thing that you can decide for your ceremony as well, so as to bring a little piece of Italy to your wedding. As for the food, Italians are known for their appetites and love for good food. You should, therefore, make sure that you have good food at your reception. You should not shy away from having as many as fourteen course meals, which should include foods like salad, meat, desserts, fruits, soups and pastas among others.

Overall, for an Italian wedding theme, you need to make certain that a lot of Italian tradition is incorporated into the wedding ceremony.


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