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April Wedding Themes - Wishing April Showers Will Bring May Flowers

April is all about orange and similar colors. This is because of the autumn season and reasonably hot weather. So, April wedding themes also can have the same colors and many other decorations that relate to autumn. This wedding theme is not so popular but when someone has his/ her wedding based on this theme, it becomes an event that will be remembered for life by everyone visiting it.

The decorations in this theme wedding are unusual. One very creative and eye catching decoration is fake dry leaves scattered all over, but there should be scattered somewhere where no one will step, in such places real dry leaves can be kept. The fake ones also can be kept on the tables. The table cloths can be orange and can have some embroidery or damask on it. Orange color chair décor also should be put. Another autumn themed wedding (April themed wedding) color is brown and light red.

Orange color big flowers are something like a ‘must’ for April weddings themes. Orange tinted glasses and some orange plates with brown pictures on it. Orange and brown color wax candles with green crystal chandeliers. In this theme wedding, the walls also are usually orange with brick patterns. Hanging candles also are widely used in these weddings. One single wall should be reserved only for photos of family and also the couple. This wall is considered to be simple but is classy, elegant and eye catching. White and orange balloons can be hung all over the roof.

The clothes in these weddings also are related to autumn. The bride will wear a simple white gown with feathers at the end. The shoes of the bride also should be white with some autumn season touch to it. The groom only wears suits of two colors in these weddings. He either wears black or grey. An orange or brown tie on a white shirt should be worn.

April wedding themes is another one of those royal wedding themes in which the cake is what is the most eye-catching. A brownish cake with fake dry leaves is a good idea. Green cheese cakes also are a good idea as it represents autumn and also the sun in a way that nobody knows. White cake with a sandy shade is also used as a color on cakes on April weddings. Purple and white color combination cakes with a real ribbon also represent an April theme wedding.

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