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Appropriate Clothing For A Casual Friday Dress Code

Casual Friday has been observed by most company all over the world that it is known as Casual Day or Dress-down Friday. Employees are given a time to show their fashion style by wearing clothes suited for a casual Friday dress code for them to be relaxed and more comfortable in their workplace. Casual Friday are not being observed by other companies that their employees must still wear business dress code attire. Casual Friday dress code has limitations that they have guidelines in their employee dress code policy that must be strictly followed because they must still give proper respect to the workplace. Managers in some company also observe casual Friday that they too dress in casual clothes in the office.

Casual Friday dress code is wearing an outfit that creates a balance in wearing the proper casual dress code that is appropriate in maintaining the professionalism in the workplace. On a casual Friday you do not need to be in a professional dress code because you can wear jeans but without any rips, not a skin tight cut, and no letterings. You can wear colored denim jeans and not faded jeans. You can wear casual blouses, hoodies, polo shirts and casual dresses. For the shoes you can wear flats, tennis shoes or sneakers.

As an employee eyeing for a promotion you need to wear casual dress code clothes that will bring out the integrity and the professionalism in you. You can wear dark denim jeans with a chic casual blouse that may be printed or plain and pair it with a jacket or a blazer. The shoes to wear can be closed toes or open toes high heeled shoes or pumps. Accessorize your outfit by wearing a fashionable jewelry and a handbag or a chic shoulder bag. For the makeup, do not wear bold makeup and just a simple makeup to show your natural beauty.

In a casual Friday dress code you have to remember that it is still a working day. You must not be too casual that your outfit will project that you are going to a ball game. Don't wear t-shirts with vulgar prints, logos or any advertisements prints. Do not wear flip-flops as your footwear because these are for beaches only. Too much cleavage is not allowed and same with see through blouses.

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