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Antique Wedding theme-From The Beginning Till The End

Weddings start from the invitations, when the invitations reach their destinations the invitation style tells them the wedding is going to be of antique themed. Invitations have to be light brown or black colored and page borders and also something like telegram, marriage card. Invitations can be rolled in to a scroll and with a water print of a map to the wedding destination so it can look something like an old pirates map. So concentrate on designing wedding invitations appropriately. The brides and groom’s parents and siblings can be transported to the destination by an antique car or an antique limousine with stunning old school interiors. Wooden entrance can be made with some good looking beach sand hanging balls and some people to welcome the guests. Antique wedding theme is mostly pale colors but it is not important and very less people use these colors now- a- days. Bright and attractive colors are used in almost everything to give it a romantic wedding theme; the chandeliers are pink, white or mint green. Wedding direction signs are put up at different places written the direction of marriage, hall, dining etc. The tables are usually round covered by white table cloths and golden highlighting if wanted. If the tables are white then even chairs also should be matching, the chairs are also covered by white table cloth and black ribbons. An old wooden suitcase can be kept somewhere for cards where everyone can drop their cards. Candles can be kept in glass tubes that vary in size. The candle wax can be colorful with objects inside the wax of the glass tube. If glass tubes do not work for you then the candle candelabras with crystals can be also be an option. Table numbers can be written with old school writing. Pictures of family members can be hanged on the trees by normal cloth pegs. The cakes in antique wedding theme are usually in cubical tower form. The rings used normally are not very fancy but big and bulky with some outstanding designs and some type of precious stone in the middle and additional stones all around. In most rings white gold or platinum is used as metal and the stones are mostly diamond or sapphire. Very many antique things should be used in this unique wedding theme are antique cupboards, televisions, wedding wear; everything should be antique and precious. Even the food should be cooked in open fire so the antique taste can come in your mouth and also in your mind.

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