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Animal Print Wedding Theme For Your Wild Wedding

Animal prints and motifs are in latest trend and one of those things that are preferred and put on anything formal or informal.That is because every animal has a unique skin pattern, which looks very nice either on clothes or on snacks. In between all this, a new wedding theme has emerged which is closely related to the thing we are talking about, this theme is the animal print wedding theme. Everything from the cakes to the clothes can be in different animal prints.Animal skin patterns like those of zebras, tigers, and leopards are so good looking that these have transformed into a wedding theme. These themes have names like leopard wedding theme, peacock wedding theme, etc.

Thecakes in these weddings mostly are African looking and are very eye-catching. A cake with many layers of different animal prints, one layer can be having zebraprint, another can have leopard spots. However, one thing to keep in mind is to keep the flavor of the cake, for example, zebra print has black and white color, so the flavor in white should be vanilla, and the black part can be chocolate.

Animal Print Wedding Theme is one of those creative wedding themes in which even the dresses of the bride and the bridesmaids can be of animal prints. The most appropriate print for bridesmaids is that one of the zebra.This print will give a royal twist very easily. The bride cannot be wearing adress with a lot of animal print, so the solution to this is a little twist tothe dress, a zebra, or leopard print shoes with a simple white dress along witha fat animal print belt. The groom also can wear an animal print tie with someother twists to the suit.

The decorations in animal print wedding theme wedding also are unique. The carpets can be of any animal print as long as the color of that print is dark because if it is a light colored carpet, it is obvious it will get dirty. The curtains can be of such a print that will look classy and also will catch the eye of every single person sitting in the wedding. There can be chandeliers hanging on top of your head. The cookies and other sweets can also be in animal prints such as tiger stripes etc. the tables and chairs also can be in animal prints that suit the wedding colors.

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