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Angelic and Virtuous Cinderella Themed Wedding

Cinderella is my favorite and the most romantic fairytale out of all I have ever encountered in my life and no doubt Cinderella is the most famous fairytale as well because of its dreamy charm. All the pretty girls when try to do something hard or difficult they put it inside a Cinderella pact and the pact works because of Cinderella power in it which I find really cute and when it comes to the wedding of such kind of amazingly cute ladies stress comes in because it is really important that there wedding should be as dreamy and amazing as it could be and for that I guess Cinderella pact ladies deserve nothing lesser than a majestic Cinderella themed wedding.

cinderella themed wedding

The Cinderella wedding theme follows everything dreamy and there is no way to leave 12AM charm out of your wedding because that is the time of climax of the story so the Cinderella themed wedding has to be a night time wedding and you have to skip the day part but if you want to celebrate day time go for the couple shower and other things at day.

cinderella themed wedding 1

The Cinderella bridal wedding dress has to be white or golden colored but I would stick to white because white is virtuous and for the designing refer to Alfred Angelo as he has been the savior for almost every fairytale wedding this year because of his amazing fairytale bridal dresses designs. The flower girls can go for golden colored shimmering cocktail gowns or they can stick to ball gowns if they feel so but cocktail is better because this is the theme of the final party in the fairytale and you have to keep intact to the real story of Cinderella.

cinderella themed wedding 2

The fairy tale wedding theme follows white lights and you can incorporate this color majestically by using white cotton balls appearing as snow over the edges of barn branches giving your wedding a winter snowy look if your wedding is in winters where you can also dip it into OB brightener which will reflect in the UV light to give your wedding a fairy land kind of look. Place special interest in the shoes you are wearing customize your shoes by appointing a show designer and make sure that you wear unique and most beautiful shoes in your wedding where everyone else is also going to put all their interest in shoes because of the tag of Cinderella in your wedding so good luck with the shoes.

cinderella themed wedding 3

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