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Ancient Greek Wedding Theme for Your Special Day

If you have decided to celebrate your wedding in Greek style or you wanted to have romance of this Mediterranean country in your wedding then Greek wedding theme is for you. Arriving at the venue looking like Greek god or Greek goddess adds charm to your ultimate wedding. This theme is the most sophisticated and impressive theme to be. Create a Greece-inspired outlook for your wedding. Include flowers like cliff roses, orchids and Daffodils, architecture like ancient and accurate representation of the country. Create or find a place which has Greek pillars available and cover them with beautiful satin cloth for a graceful look. Place some elegant looking urns in your Greek wedding theme as these are easily available at any of the craft stores. These urns can later be used in your home or apartment with dried flowers or as show piece in your drawing room. The most dominant colors when you think of Greek style wedding are white and gold.  Having your entire wedding theme in those two colors would be perfect for a Greek themed wedding. Blue and white are also some common colors to choose for an ancient Greek style wedding. Preparing bride for the ceremony is an important part of the wedding. Goddess-Style gowns with chiffon and draping are perfect for the bride n a Greek wedding theme. It creates a stunning effect and leaves the guests truly mesmerized. In Greek wedding theme or ceremonies the groom waits for the bride in front of the ancient churches. Brides can also opt for long gowns with gold belt or V-neck gown with straps and ancient jewelry. For centerpieces a lot of choices are available. Try to use Greek gods or warriors statues or place painted Greece dishes with traditional crafted cutlery from Greece. Roman numerical style table indicators also go very well with this popular theme. Candid almonds are a popular Greek wedding favor and when presented in different colors look amazing and beautiful.Greek wedding theme cakes bear the images of Holy Trinity and saints or hexagon wedding cakes also owe its origin with the ancient Greeks.  Greek columns decorations are also a popular choice.


A real Greek-themed wedding is not complete without the traditional Greek dance called as Zorbas. Give ultimate amusement to your wedding and family and guests by practicing this dance style and presenting in front of them in your wedding reception.

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