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An Original Touch of Italian Wedding Theme

If your mate or you are of Italian descent you might want to celebrate your big day as an Italian wedding theme  but in case you have no relation to Italy or any of its natives and have never even stepped into the territory of Italy, you can still make sure that your wedding is as elegant and romantic as an Italian wedding.

italian wedding theme

In order to celebrate an Italian wedding, you will have to make sure that you that you book a hall which is really big as the Italian weddings include everyone from the great grand-mas to the youngest person of the family. In order to go with every custom of an Italian wedding, you might want to consider booking a church. Weddings with Italian customs are mostly held on Sundays in the morning. Avoid the months of May and August for your wedding, as they are believed to be unlucky for the bride and the groom according to the Italian beliefs and customs.

italian wedding theme 1

If you want to give your wedding the original touch of an Italian themed wedding decorate your hall, with colors like red, green and gold. Place red or golden vases with white flowers in them and for the tables choose golden cloth lined with red and green. Play a light classical music through-out the wedding processional. This would give your wedding a more formal look like most of the Italian weddings. The first dance in the western weddings is replaced by the traditional Italian dance, which includes dancing in a circle in the same direction as long as the tempo of the music does not change.

italian wedding theme 2

The most important part of the Italian themed weddings is the food served to the guests. Most of these weddings include up to 13 to 14 courses of food. Start off by serving an appetizer buffet to your guests, which should include marinated mushrooms, cheeses, eggplants and olives. And also add to your menu an antipasto, a salad which made by mixing meat with other food item like olives, tomatoes, beans peppers and anchovies. Serve your guests in either the buffet style or waiters do the job of serving the plates of pastas and other food items to each table. Do not forget to tell the guests that they should try everything out! If you are ready to host such a large number of guests of all age type and ready to make it casual and full of romance, then an Italian wedding theme is the one for you.

italian wedding theme 3

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