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An Innovative And Perfect Pear Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Wedding

A wedding is an extremely special event in someone’s life as it comes once in your life. Everybody wants to make this day memorable. Few couples choose old themes for their wedding but there are some people who pick up new ideas and concepts that really enhance the beauty of the event.

Perfect pear wedding theme is a new and an innovative wedding theme. The majority of the couples love the pears so much that they want to make this a part of their wedding in a really good way. They hire good wedding planners and ask them to do everything in the shape of pears or in the colors of pear.

We can use pears throughout the wedding ceremony. Pears could be used to decorate the pillars, walls, chairs, aisles and floors and many other places of the reception hall. Nowadays flowers to be used in the weddings are too much expensive but pears can be used as a substitute of flower. Buy pears in bulk amount and ask the florist to decorate the place according to your style with pears. This idea is less expensive and highly innovative; one just needs to pay attention to small details.

The cake of the reception should even reflect the theme of the wedding. Ask your caterer to prepare a cake consisting of pears. The layers of the cake should have a touch of pear and the colour of the cake should even go with the perfect pear wedding theme. Ask the caterer to make a couple dishes and serve it with slices of pear. That works best.

The invitation cards should even resemble the pear theme. One can steal ideas from the green and white wedding theme and relate it accordingly. In order to show some resemblance with the theme, the bride should wear jewelry that is having pear shaped crystals or pearls. The perfect pear salt and pepper shakers would be a perfect gift for the guests as it is showing some similarity with the theme. Pear shaped card holders are even used in the perfect pear wedding theme. There are perfect pear napkins that go well with the theme.

The perfect pear wedding theme is a theme that is getting common these days and never gets old.  This is a theme that has millions of ideas that can make your wedding unique. There are many DIY projects in this theme for the decorations at your wedding ceremony. You can only select those ideas that fit your mood or your personality.  A variety of color scheme makes this wedding color theme prettier and even attractive.

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