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An Impressive and Unique Italian Themed Wedding

Italy is a beautiful country and is famous for its unique wedding. Opting for Italian wedding theme is a new trend and is liked by many people due to its great set up. When you arrange your party with Italian music, food and flowers the theme is completed. Start decoration from the table and adorn it with simple but graceful look because Italians prefer elegance and grace in their lives. There is no limitation of colors but sober colors are generally seen in an Italian marriage. Select any nice color for seats such as white is an attractive and elegant color and gives tremendous look.

Italian Themed Wedding

Add latest music to your marriage occasion and you can get idea from the list of latest songs to make environment romantic. Jasmine is symbol of Italian wedding not only used in the decoration of venue as well as these flowers are the main part in the bridal embellishment. You will not see any bride without jasmine because jasmine is considered as the sign of good luck. You will found every Italian bride having jasmine in their hairs. You can apply the same dressing of bride as you saw in the Italian movie or Italy culture. You can put jasmine flowers vase on each table to make the party atmosphere elegant.

Italian Themed Wedding 1

If you consider the Italian menu you notice that olive, vinegar and olive oil are the main ingredients. Arrange buffet system which is most common in Italian culture. Two or three color salad enhances the beauty and taste when present on the table. Add baskets of bread in wedding menu and put a fresh flowers pot on every table. Salads with olives decoration are the special dishes so do not forget it in the menu. Candle light dinner is ideal for the best wedding themes therefore include in theme which you have selected for your event. When dinner will start all the candles will enlighten and the environment will look romantic.

Italian Themed Wedding 2

Lighting is the main focal point of Italian themed wedding if you will see their marriages you will notice the much use of light in most of their events. For lighting purpose you can choose small bulbs, candles or lantern etc. If you have decorated your party with lots of plants the bulbs would be suitable. You can use lanterns on the reception table to give the warm welcome to the guests. Enhance the pretty look of your most important day and venue by adding fountain in it. Use candles around the fountain and get extraordinary environment.

Italian Themed Wedding 3

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