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An Extraordinary Celestial Wedding Theme For Your Wedding Day Celebration

The message of a celestial wedding theme denotes a heavenly inspired marriage setting. Stars, moon and heavenly bodies are heavenly bodies which are normally present in a celestial wedding theme. Undeniably gaining popular grounds among wedding planners, designers and soon-to-be wed couples, this theme resembles the wedding rites of deities and gods in the olden Greek Mythology and for most wedding experts they call it as heavenly wedding on earth. What an extremely unique wedding idea full of classy memoires.

The wedding of deities and the unions of gods is as old as time and the essence of that celestial ceremony being duplicated in this matrimonial theme. Celestial wedding theme symbolizes the union of spirits, of mind, body and soul and nothing else beat that heavenly feeling. There is nothing as deep and as memorable as being a witness to a celestial wedding.

A wedding made in heaven is one of the brilliant ideas theme wedding ideas mostly held in an open space, mostly at night. Glitters serving as stars in heaven and lighted candles all over the pool serving as lights enhance the celestial mode of the ceremony. Celestial weddings can be partnered with any colors in terms of motif and designs and mostly the hue shaded colors are popularly used.

Wedding theme decorations for celestial designs is mostly solemnized by bright dark colors, say deep blue or dark green with silver stars and plants mostly shrubs to accentuate the earthly part of the ceremony, mainly defining the “heaven on Earth” part. The wedding of deities is characterized by white silk and elegantly simple satin clothes to bring out the natural beauty of the bride who is the star of the night. Secondary sponsors are dressed like fairies to make them appear like having floating beauties.

The love of deities is legendary and their weddings clear the sky of any dark cloud thus the same Celestine force is being invoked by the couple to be wed. Celestine wedding themes also highlight the beauty of the wedding bride, celebrating the importance of the role of women in the forming of families. The brilliance of a celestial wedding theme is a perfect experience to make your wedding experience, including your family’s, your friends and guests worth treasuring forever.

Wedding cakes are normally white-colored designed in layers with wave of aqua or dark blue-colored stars from the base up. Wedding invitation cards can also be made of purple or deep blue and silver or white combinations. Laces for other decors can also be used in different color combination depending on desired motif for your celestial wedding theme.

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