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An exotic Wine Themed Wedding Ideas

Planning to incorporate the idea of wine in your wedding seems to be the most exoticidea. There is so much to choose if it is wine themed, you can include vineyards, bottles, wine glasses, grapes and many more things in your wine wedding theme.If you are planning to have wine themed wedding then first thing that you needto consider is to have a budget allocated because wine wedding theme could prove to be little expensive affair. Wine wedding theme ideas are exotic and elegant gift for your guests.

Venue: If you are planning to have a wine theme wedding then search for a vineyard in your area and if it is not available then you can consider creating a one for yourself. You need an outdoor location for a wine wedding theme. You can decorate the reception with various wine related decorations.

Decoration: You can decorate your wine themed wedding by using grapevine branches or artificial grapes. The best idea is to decorate the entrance with wooden framed boxes and place some grapes over them. Place some winebottles which will act a candle holders looks perfect for a wine themed wedding ideas.

Colors: Wine colors are known to bring sophistication to the entire event. You can choose from wide variety of shades such as red, pink and purple. Red color looks prefect with red wine and pink looks perfect with blush wine.

Attire: You can incorporate deep plum orburgundy colors for wedding attire. These colors look unique and beautiful.  The bride can dress herself with white gown and the groom can dress himself with black color suit with a purple bow tie just as desired in black wedding theme.

Reception and Food: The reception is the bestplace where a wine theme comes to life and naming each table with different wine type is another classic idea to have. You can serve French cuisine or Italian cuisine which goes very well with wine. You can even serve different varieties of cheese with wine.

Favors: If it is Wine themed wedding ideas then you can gift your guests with small wine bottles covered with purple colored silk ties.  Presenting your guest with wine filled chocolates is another great idea as favor for your wine theme wedding.

Summer season is considered as the best time to have wine theme wedding as this is the season when the grapes ripe and you can indulge yourself in the exotic taste of wine along with the beautiful feeling of your wedding.

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