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An Elegant Vintage Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding theme is not a new idea it has been applying as a part of a wedding theme but you can also opt the same idea as a complete theme by adding some changes in it. Vintage theme offers many options to you if you want to entertain your guest too much. In fact you can give the real picture of your dreams easily.  Suggest which theme would be suitable for the event either Victorian, black and white theme or any new combination of color. If you like black and white color select it and get ideas from old-school Hollywood that have been constructed with black, white and cream color.

vintage wedding theme

The combination of these three colors in a vintage wedding theme forms a dreamy and romantic environment if you set the whole party in this way. Use cream tablecloth for every table, put black color vase with lilies on it. You can use black napkin on the table to give the black and white impact. Similarly, use off white seat cover and tie with black ribbon by making a flower of the same ribbon.  Hire a musical band to complete the wedding theme that may transform the mood in a specific way. In decoration of the marriage venue use lights at the reception setting as well as if there is any tree do lighting on it.

vintage wedding theme 1

In dinner you can select the menu with the same color combination like any item of rice with the curry in the black dish or you can take out rice in the black plate. Centerpiece in the black and white color is also very suitable and will enhance the beauty of the party. The bridal outfit will be in the traditional white color and the shoes would be in black color and they will reflect the impressive and beautiful personality of the bride.  Make up of the bridal would be done according to the basic theme that you have selected.

vintage wedding theme 2

An open area for the marriage venue is best suited as well as gives elegant look. You can add many fun ideas in the wedding ceremony such as you can select singing competition, eating competition and any indoor game competition that would be suitable according to the space present.  It will increase the fun of the party and the guests will enjoy a lot.  Vintage wedding themes gives more resources of enjoying the event. Plan a vintage theme for your marriage occasion; add a happiest moment in your life and in other’s live too by giving pleasure.

vintage wedding theme 3

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