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An Arabic Style Aladdin Wedding Theme

Aladdin is one of the most famous movies of Walt Disney and many people are still enjoying it. Anything is possible in today’s time. Weddings have turned into something creative and are inspired, as people are having weddings based on themes that they like, so people who like red, have their wedding full of red color, people who like flowers have their wedding based on a flower’s theme. Same like that, people who like this legendary animated movie have their wedding based on it. Aladdin wedding theme is becoming famous all around the world very fast resulting in more and more people having this wedding.

The movie Aladdin had a lot of Indian type of influence in it, although he was from Arabia. So this makes it a hard job to have an Aladdin wedding, because an Indian wedding also is not an easy job. The interior is the most difficult part. Heavy curtains, clothes, and decorations etc. are the things that need most attention. All these things are found in Indian wedding themes, the clothes worn here are either like the ones worn by the princess in the movie itself or Indian clothes, saris are the clothes to be worn on this special day.

The interior is very heavy embroidery and is mostly purple and dark pink with golden embroidery on it. Mostly like the Taj Mahal or other Indian or Arabian monuments. The interior cannot be mentioned in written; this is because it is so fabulous and mind blowing. You will have to see pictures on the internet to understand what we are talking about in this wedding. Marbles and tiles of different colors can be put on the roof and walls along with curtains with very heavy embroidery on them. Indian and Arabian weddings are known to be like this and also this is what you should be ready to get in an Aladdin wedding theme.

The decorations in this Disney themed wedding is very colorful and is made out of marbles, tiles, glass and precious stones. Elephants, camels and other animals related to India and Arabia are the main decorations. These decorations are made up of the things mentioned above. The candles also are of royal colors such as purple, mocha red, and baby blue etc. with sparkles on them. Beds instead of tables and chairs, these things are found in an Arabian and Indian themed wedding. Moroccan lanterns can be hung at different places to give the feeling and impression of an Aladdin wedding theme.

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