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Amusing and Fun Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding shower directs to fun only as it is based on games and other enjoyable activities whereas wedding reception is comparatively serious issue so in arranging a wedding shower you always have this chance of going as casual as possible. There are various fun wedding shower themes available out of which I can name few unique bridal shower themes as well like yoga theme, spa theme, basketball theme, bowling theme and a golf theme whereas the other common wedding shower themes are beach wedding shower, garden wedding shower, picnic wedding shower etc. but I wonder why everyone ends up selecting a beach wedding shower and I also wonder that how people skip on a carnival wedding shower.

fun wedding shower themes

Carnival wedding shower is from the most enjoyable and fun wedding themes but the reason about why most of the people skip it is that they assume that carnivals relate to the crowd and in wedding showers lesser people are invited in normal cases but I can shatter your nervousness and tell you that for a carnival theme it is not important to have a lot of people in your event. What you can do is use this theme in your dresses and decorations whereas to give the carnival wedding shower complete touch of carnival add in the most loved games of carnival which are played at the most in every carnivals and by doing this i.e. selecting the carnival wedding shower theme will make your wedding shower thematic and fun at the same time.

fun wedding shower themes 1

The other fun wedding shower themes are bowling, spa and yoga whereas you can experiment different things in each of this theme. In a bowling wedding shower theme you can do your shower in a club where bowling area is available you can book the place whereas you can arrange mini bowling for the kids at your wedding shower because kids cannot get bored. Playing with your partner just near your wedding could be great fun while you can also challenge your partner to see who will be winning the future life over the other.

fun wedding shower themes 2

The spa wedding shower is about relaxation and comfort where you can offer body massages for the bride and the groom and you can also set fish spa or stone massage for the guests available there. You can select this theme only if you are inviting your close relatives and friends whereas the stone massage and fish spa is easily affordable.

fun wedding shower themes 3

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