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Amazingly Attractive Tiffany Blue Wedding Themes

Aren’t you bored of seeing the usual pink, blue, red, white, black and yellow at the wedding? Don’t you want to see a color which is different and unique? Why not to use tiffany blue then? A bit of sea green a bit of sky blue is tiffany blue. See the pictures and acquaint yourself with this beautiful and romantic colour. This unique colour blends perfectly well at the wedding which is to be staged under an open sky near the sea shore on the vast beach.

This popularity of this wonderful colour is growing since many years. Many celebrities around the world including the famous Toni Braxton used this amazing colour as a theme in her wedding. Tiffany blue wedding themes speaks of elegance and extravaganza. You as a bride can utilize this colour in your bridal bouquet and bridal dress. Tiffany blue can also be used as a base colour for your jewellery and shoes. Now if we talk about decoration than the colour tiffany blue looks amazingly attractive when displayed through the tiffany blue crockery placed at the dinner or lunch tables. Serve your guests the blue cheese in tiffany wares and they won’t stop praising you for your creative thinking behind staging the tiffany blue wedding themes. How can we forget to mention the invitation cards at the first place? Well, no more guesses about what we are going to talk about the cards and stationery. You already know how well tiffany blue colour can be used as a base colour for your wedding card and stationery including the place cards for the tables. While designing the card, use tiffany blue as base and white for writing over it. Keep the colour in control, do not go overboard and spoil the fun of this fantastic colour. To get more complement on your colour choice, use tiffany blue at other possible areas too such as on the wedding cake. Use tiffany blue as a signature color on the wedding cake to be served at your tiffany blue wedding themes.

If you start the wedding planning with tiffany blue wedding invitation in mind then end the planning by thinking of tiffany blue favours for the guests. You can order dolphins, wall clock and such small items in tiffany blue colour. Customized wedding accessories and gift items are easily available so getting the favours in this unique colour won’t be difficult. It is suggestive to use this colur with a mix of blue and green so that tiffany blue do not overshadow the celebrations which you have in your mind.

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