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Amazing Fall Wedding Theme Ideas

If you want all your family and friends to attend your wedding, you should consider having a fall wedding theme ideas. This is because it is during or towards fall that people start to think about going home and spending time with their families. A fall wedding theme will allow you to have an intimate, warm wedding, which will be attended by all the people that you care about. Fall has been considered to be one of the most romantic times of the year, so it is an ideal time for a wedding. There are so many fall wedding ideas that it is quite impossible to exhaust all of them. However, below are a few fall themed wedding that you might consider incorporating into your wedding theme.

The décor: It is well-known that the décor is what will tell your guests about your wedding theme as soon as they enter the reception area. The tone for your fall wedding should be set right at the entrance of the reception, so that it can be seen by all the visitors as they arrive. You could consider using wheat at the entrance of your reception. This way, your guests will know the kind of theme that you are trying to pull off. The colors at your reception will also say a lot about your fall wedding. You have the option of either going with the traditional fall colors, or choosing to use the modern colors.

The flowers: These are really easy to find during the fall, so you will not have any hard time here. Since flowers are easy to find, you should take advantage of this and have as many of them as you can at your fall wedding. You can use roses, yarrow and daisies among others. In addition to using flowers, you could also have pumpkins as your center pieces.

The menu: For any wedding theme, the menu is something that you need to plan for carefully. The traditional meal at a fall themed wedding is the turkey, so you should ensure that this is part of your menu. You could also throw in things like roasted quail, rib roast, mashed potatoes and mushrooms among others. You should ensure that your menu is suitable for all your guests, including those on a vegetarian diet. No one will have fun at a wedding if there is no food that they can eat.

The cake: The best thing about a fall wedding theme ideas is that you can serve any cake that you want. On the other hand, you could also opt not to have a cake at your wedding.

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