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All Time Favorite Movie Inspired James Bond Wedding Theme

Many people decide a theme based on colors. Some of them even decide with the characters in the movies or television shows. As you know James Bond is one of the most interesting characters since several years, people love to choose James Bond wedding theme. People who love watching movies and reading thrilling novels usually prefer the James Bond wedding theme.

If you want to decide a wedding theme based on personalities, then you would nevertheless decide great wedding themes such as James Bond theme.

If you want to decide about James Bond wedding theme, then the bridegroom should undertake efforts to make the wedding special. He should dress up exactly like the James Bond by wearing dark coat and a cap. He can also carry an armature riffle in his hand. You can decide about many other interesting aspects if you want to create a James Bond event. The visitors can also dress up like the characters of James Bond movie.

You can arrange for tables, chairs and cake table with a picture of James Bond on it. If you have read the James bond stories, then you can probably know about the things that they have used such as the Martini centerpiece, red and white feathers etc. you can place ribbons everywhere instead of flowers, so that the background appears perfectly like the background in the movies. The bride or the bridesmaids for this movie themed wedding can dress up and groom like the actress of James Bond movie. Usually, if she ties a bow with her hair, she appears like a James Bond in the movie. Usually, if the woman ties her hair or folds her ponies, then the woman looks elegant for the background.

If you create a black and a white background like the old movies, then the background looks like the James Bond wedding theme.  The wedding cake can be decorated with white icing and the toy layer of the cake can be iced with James bond characters. If the cake is decorated in black and white color, then the cake seems perfectly like a James Bond theme.

Some things really make the elegant look excellent such as the cheap wine glass, candle that consists of tea light and consisting of bottom cut-out. The table setting should also consist of burlap and lace. The bridesmaids or the visitors can wear the red sleeveless gowns to look glamorous for your James Bond wedding theme.

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