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All about the Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

Do you know the story behind the celebration of wedding shower? Well, let us tell you the tale which marks the beginning of this popular custom of wedding shower. It is believed that many years ago in Holland, the parents of a bride disapproved the boy whom their daughter chose to marry with and so they also refused to give dowry to their daughter on her wedding. In order to assist the bride to collect her dowry, her friends arranged a party for her. Every invitee on the part bought in one or another gift for the bride and those gifts served the purpose of dowry to the bride.

  Irrespective if this story is true or not it surely has a fun element, as the story narrates the wedding shower as a get together event to arrange dowry.  If we see the things today, than we can say that the purpose of wedding shower day is not to arrange gifts or dowry. The true purpose is to provide the bride a memorable time of her life that she spent with her family and friends before she gets married and move to her husband’s home. Now, that we know the legend behind bridal shower, let us read some quirky style of wedding shower theme ideas. The place to celebrate wedding shower Bridal shower themes does not revolve around a particular place to be picked up for celebrations. The occasion can be held indoor or outdoor, depending on the theme. For example, a casino theme to celebrate the shower day can be incorporated in two ways. The first wedding shower theme ideas then is to make a corner of home look alike a real casino. The second idea is to arrange a trip to real casino at Las Vegas. Arrangements can be made as per the budget and time availability to celebrate the event.

The theme to celebrate wedding shower There are unlimited themes for celebrating the event. Casino gambling, sports activities, arts and craft, cooking, gardening, music and dance, children’s at school, Hollywood movies, Self fitness shows on TV, circus shows in reality, or whatever else inspires you in real life can be well used as a theme for shower day.

The most important element of  wedding shower theme and ideas is fun. How you introduce this element to make the day memorable depends on your choice of theme and its execution.    

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