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Alice In Wonderland Inspired Mad Hatter Wedding Theme

Do you know about the fictional character that plays the role of a super villian in different stories. Mad Hatter is the enemy of the famous fictional character Batman. Mad Hatter is a character that was portrayed in Batman movie in 1948. If you want to choose Mad Hatter Wedding theme, then the bridegroom should perfectly dress up like a Mad Hatter who wears a large black hat and a black coat and a tie of white and red color.

You can use all the things that were used in the Batman movie such as the chessboard, centerpieces, tea party papers, etc. You can also use the things that were used in the Alice in Wonderland movie.

The bride can dress up perfectly like an Alice who jumps into the wonderland. You can plan for various other things if you are planning for a Mad Hatter Wedding theme. It is considered as one of the greatest fairytale wedding theme. You can arrange for a bridal shower activity as presented in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie. You can also arrange for a rabbit, as is the novel. If you are planning for any game, you can also arrange for a large cheese game from Castle party.

When you are serving tea to the guests, you can serve tea in Mackenzie teapot platter. You can arrange for many tableware items of Mackenzie. Alice is a character in the story that is always fantasizing and hence you can arrange for many fancy items that Alice always dreamed about such as the cake, cookies, drinks, etc.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland wedding theme, the bride can dress up in a large smock that is even extended to the floor and the dress should consist of many frills. The bride can wear the large red shoes that Alice always wore. The bridegroom or the other visitors can dress up like the Mad Hatter who hypnotizes people.

Mad Hatter wedding theme would provide enjoyment to the visitors and would take them to the world of fantasy. If they have read more about Alice in Wonderland, then they can think about ideas that are more creative. If you are deciding about this theme then you can arrange for a tea party theme also.

Mad Hatter wedding theme is liked by the people who love fantasizing and those who are story-lovers. The Mad Hatter character would rock the people in the wedding and make the visitors feel pleasant.

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