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Add Bling To Your Wedding Day With Red And Gold Wedding Themes

Gold is a glittering color and red is also a fascinating color and the combination of gold and red color is really glamorous. The background really appears glamorous with the two colors i.e. red and gold and the red and gold wedding themes are glamorous. The women usually dress up in gold colored dresses and they wear accessories such as watch or bracelet or partially wear the red color on their dress. The shoes that are made of gold color really appear glamorous. They can dress up in gold and carry red flowers bouquet.

The cake that is decorated with gold icing and is surrounded by red flowers really appears fabulous in the marriage hall. The table can be beautifully decorated with red flowers in a gold vase. Gold literally does not mean that gold is used during the weddings. Gold colored items are used for display or as a means of attire. The table can be beautifully decorated with rose flowers that are deep red. The plates are gold colored and this combination really appears classy. The gold birch branches are kept on the dining table for display. The table can also be decorated with table cloths that are red colored, the sheer runners and candle sticks that are gold colored.  The people who celebrate a grand and a royal wedding follow this theme. The number table with crystal embellishment that consists of champagne gold and covered with red satin ribbon also appears fabulous.

Red and gold wedding themes are common in Indian themed weddings and Asian wedding themes.The woman also looks gorgeous with a red dressing and a necklace of Swaroski that is embedded with gold looks fabulous on a woman. Usually many Hollywood stars prefer red and gold wedding themes. The golden branches with red flowers can be beautifully decorated on the table. The flower pots also consist of hanging jewelries that appear wonderful. The red and the gold wedding theme is preferred by the people who are celebrating a very royal wedding. The invitation cards can be beautifully decorated using gold and red colors.

The woman or the bride can wear gold jewelries along with red dressings. Woman of the east usually dresses up in gold jewels. The invitation cards can be inscribed in golden letters and the background of the invitation cards may be red. The red and gold wedding themes background for the marriage really looks grand and royal.  The gold indicates royalty and red color indicates strength and hence the combination is really bold.

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