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The secret behind fine looking lace wedding dresses is high quality lace. Alencon, Venice and Chantilly are some of the superior quality lace whose foliage, needle like patterns and floral designs make the dresses seem less plain and monotonous. All lace wedding dresses are not a preferred by many ladies. As the name suggests this dress is completely made from lace. Of course the inside part of the dresses are lined with opaque material such as satin so you do not have to worry about it being transparent. For you ladies that love to do things out of the ordinary, then go for this style. More often the than not, all lace gowns are either mermaid or A-line designs.   Just like other wedding dresses, this type also comes in a variety of neckline designs. On top of that, you are not limited to the kind of sleeve you want. They include, Sleeveless, three-quarter, full sleeved, short sleeved and cup sleeves. If you do not desire the entire dress to be of lace, there are still other ways in which you can incorporate the lace so as to add flavor to the dress. If you are too self-conscious about your arms to wear a sleeveless dress, one with lace sleeves is perfect for you. Lace sleeves are not the same as gloves because they are part of the dress hence are not removable. These sleeves will conceal the scars or stretch marks on your arms. Lace wedding dresses with an empire cut lace are graceful and a sight to behold. This cut marks the beginning of the lace fabric and it’s usually just below the bust area. While the chest area is covered in satin or tulle material only, the lace will be utilized to line the rest of the dress all the way to the train- if it has one- or just up to the floor length hemline. Laces also come in handy for tiered dresses. The key to pull of this look is to have the right kind of lace to enhance the dress.  Taffeta and lace wedding dresses are idyllic for  brides with hour glass body shape as it draws attention to the curves and brings out an aura of class. Similarly, organza and lace dress is perfect for the traditional bridal gown but with some hints of modernization.  Laces in themselves already decorate the dress but you can add more glamour by having a bow.    

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  1. K Enochson 2014/4/7 9:00:18

    Do you know where I can see the dress in the bottom photo? It's perfect! I love your article, I am looking for a lace gown and your tips are encouraging.Reply

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