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A Wedding Royale With Royal Purple Wedding Theme

Blue has always been considered royal, gorgeous and an attractive color. It also projects a feeling of coolness. Purple has started been called royal, because it is used by royal families and in special occasion especially in English culture.  It is very unique and beautiful. Especially, since the 2012 London Olympics, where the prime color was purple, it has become popular all over again around the world. When royal blue combines with the majesty’s favorite, purple, a life remembering thing is what comes out as a result. Royal purple wedding theme can be a unique combination for your wedding.

Royal purple wedding theme is just another wedding color themewhich can be used for wedding, though traditionally wedding color is white but when it comes to experiment then you are free to choose your best color and if it is purple then go for royal purple wedding themeand bring a royal feel in your wedding reception.

There are many ideas for having a color theme wedding and you can take inspiration from purple wedding themesand blue wedding theme for your reception decorations. Bride’s gown has to be white but you can have bridesmaids’ dresses made in blue and purple. Groom’s suit can be of blue color or if he doesn’t like full blue then he can wear a tie of the same color as bridesmaids dress to match well with the color theme.

Flower bouquet should carry flowers like purple orchids,Blue roses, and other blue flowers like Brazilian blue berry. It will perfectly match with blue and purple wedding. These same flowers can be used extensively in decorating reception hall. If you want to cut budget then for decoration fake and plastic flowers can also be used. The bride can wear a gorgeous purple silk cloth wedding bridal wrist corsage along with a gorgeous purple alloy with rhinestone wedding jewelry set, while the mother of the bride can carry an attractive handmade purple imitated silk wedding handbag.

In the food menu also you can add some items and drinks of this same color especially for children’s soft drinks, it can go well. They really enjoy drinking colorful drinks. Black currant and blue berry soft drink and ice cream should become the part of the food menu in your royal purple wedding theme. Needlessly to say that wedding cake should also bear this same color. Blue and purple icing color with blue berry toppings, cake will certainly look and taste delicious.

Lastly in royal purple wedding theme, you can use plenty of white and purple balloons for decoration. Canopy should be of lighter shades of purple or blue so lights can reflect well. There are plenty of inspirations in nature from where you can get many wedding theme ideas by color.

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