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A Very Interesting Part of Greek Wedding Theme

Different contents have different thoughts and lifestyle which can be easily seen in their customs and traditions. Some areas of the world have very interesting customs such as Greek wedding theme. Greek marriages are popular throughout the world for beauty and fun. It is engross since many centuries and still liked by most of the people. In Greece the marriages are held in church and it is not in the tradition of their people to set their important event outdoor. Koumbaro is a religious sponsor of the Greek marriages, so do not forget to add it in your theme. Generally the godfather of groom plays this role but it is depended upon the mutual understanding of bride and groom and they can select a godfather for the event.

greek wedding theme

Italian wedding theme is also famous like Greek wedding because of its beautiful style. On the wedding day the bridal couple gets the safety from the evil spirits therefore the groom puts a piece of iron in his pocket whereas the bride uses a slightly torn veil. This veil is the symbol of good luck and by covering the face she wards off from all negative spirits.  Add this idea in your celebration and get a different look that will get the attention of all participants. You can combine two marriage themes together in a party to give a new look. Set the table in such a manner that it may explain your wedding theme. Place a small centerpiece on the center of the table. Italian marriages are consisted on the traditions and these are most important according to their point of view.

greek wedding theme 1

Asian wedding theme is applied in other continents too because of the charm which gives uniqueness. In Asian marriages the vibrant colors are used in the venue especially for the floral decoration, table setting, reception and the bride preparation. The bride wears bright color attire and uses the same color jewelry and the shoes. There are many countries in Asia and they vary for their celebration’s style such as some countries only prefer the religious way of marriage.

greek wedding theme 2

A very interesting part of the Greek wedding theme is the stefana that is crowns which are prepared with white flowers and it is worn during the entire ceremony. Bride and groom both use it and Koumbaro join their crowns through a white ribbon and it is the sign of God’s honor and his blessings on the bridal couple.

greek wedding theme 3

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