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A Royal Sapphire Wedding Theme That Shall Take Your Guests By Awesomeness

Next to Diamond, the next hardest material is made of the mineral called corundum, and the two possible outcomes could either be red or blue. When it is red, it’s called Ruby but when it turns out to be blue it is called Sapphire. Sapphire may have few other colors but the most popular color is the blue Sapphire or mostly velvety or at times it is dark blue. The majestic hue of the blue sapphire is a perfect sapphire wedding theme.

Sapphires are legendary stones and according to its mythical origin, this stone attracts Fame for those who have it. No wonder why most of those who prefer to have sapphire wedding theme envision a majestic and royal blue wedding theme.These typed of ideas for wedding certainly do have a long and lasting effect to the couples, its witnesses and visitors because deep blue or velvety blue sapphire colors are mostly royal colors.

Sapphire-inspired wedding is one of the few wedding themes that are considered to be very classy and glamorous. The use of deep blue or velvety blue is very prominent. The base of the bridal flower including those of the secondary sponsors can be wrapped in velvet blue decorative cloth, laced or designed. Give-away soaps and cocktail glasses with scented candles with it can be laced with deep blue decorative laces formed into ribbons to put life in the reception tables and over the presidential/ bridal table. For your sapphire wedding theme, apart from the inviatitions being in the color of sapphire, the bride can wear a beautiful white wedding gown with a gorgeous alloy with sapphire blue rhinestone wedding jewelry set(including necklace and earrings), while the bridesmaids can wear a draped A-line sweetheart floor-length Lara's bridesmaid dress.

The ceremonial hall of a royal palace can be duplicated in the church as well during the wedding rites. The pews can be connected with blue laced decorative clothes at its entrance, each pew with a bunch of beautifully arranged while flowers tied at its base with beaded deep blue crystals. An entrance arc full of white flowers, green leaver with deep blue laces can also turn the church very elegant. The altar can be decorated with sapphire blue glossy clothes combined with hanging diamond or silver like crystals to create a celestial and mythical ambiance. You may also ask your invitation to use deep blue ink and velvet or sapphire blue min-laces to add color to your invitation cards.

The use of Sapphire blue colors is indeed one of the most brilliant ideas for a wedding theme.  There is little chance that you can go wrong if you intend to leave a lasting impression to your sponsors, family members and invited guests.

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