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A Romantic Combination Black and Red Wedding Theme

Black and red is an artistic combination of colors that always give the beautiful view to the eyes. The black and red wedding theme is a fantastic idea to apply in a wedding to make it gorgeous. When you use these colors in table decoration, entire arrangement of venue and for the reception you will obtain a marvelous look that will never be forgotten by anyone who will attend the party. Invitations reflect the thought of the wedding planner, use both colors in the form of rainbow or you may apply the red base color and paste black flower petals on it. This will definitely show the great appearance of the invitations.

black and red wedding theme

Red wedding theme does not demand to include red color everywhere in the party you have to use this color with creativity otherwise your wedding venue will look like a paint shop. A simple suggestion for using red color in a wedding is to apply different shades of this color. If you are decorating reception, take two shades of red the darkest shade and the lightest shade together. Use dark shade table cover and put flower vase having lightest shade as well as the flowers will be of the same color. This matching will give a new appearance to a marriage ceremony that would be non traditional. Another idea for the setting of reception is the use of big size black color flower vase and garnish with red rose.

black and red wedding theme 1

When you suggest black wedding theme, you must combine the black color with grey and it will create the wedding environment too loving and dreamy. The bridal dress of grey color and the black embroidery will give the look of fairytale. You can use black belt same as given in frocks to complete the color contrast. The elegant marriage event by the use of red and black is ideal and gives unique look. Prepare a large bouquet for bride by the help of red flowers such as red roses, hibiscus, dahlias, carnations and tulip etc. the red color bouquet in the hand of bride who is dressed in black shaded gown will look rattling.

black and red wedding theme 2

Black and red wedding theme is only admiring if you use with proper planning otherwise wrong setting can decrease the appearance of your marriage. Red and black are most attractive colors and you have many ideas to use them together in an event such as use red velvet curtain for the background of the bridal stage and decorate it with black net lace and you will agree with us that there is no better combination of colors like black and red. If you are willing to adopt the same theme you can make your party fabulous and unforgettable.

black and red wedding theme 3.jpeg

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