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A Romantic and Lovely Dove Wedding Theme For Your Wedding Day

Every couple wants to start a lifetime with peace and love and the right starting point is right at the wedding day. Dove represents peace and love, perhaps purity and submission among many others. It seems like every quality attributable to a dove is a perfect foundation for every couple who will be exchanging vows to live up to their married life right on their wedding rites. dove wedding theme is just right for this new beginning.

The bride can dress herself in a pure and amazing ball gown sweetheart floor length lace and beadings wedding dress with a beautiful 1-tier elbow wedding veil and a graceful pearl wedding bridal jewelry set with alloy connector is simply elegant and ideal for your dove wedding theme. Wedding themes that speak of happiness and loyalty has been a classical wedding theme for many couples all over the world. These themes of joy and happiness are mostly expressed in colors, in set designs, in every corner of the church and even at very the reception place. What makes wedding themes so important is their symbolical importance in the ceremonial kick-off towards pure marital life of every couple.

Dove wedding theme, is similar to the purity of white wedding theme and it is believed to harbor peace and create a stronger bond between couples and we call it love of course. Purity and peace, being the most prominent of dove features can be symbolic of the groom’s fidelity towards the bride and the spirit of submissiveness may symbolize the bride’s willingness to be submit to her husband being the head of the family.

Dove is symbolic of peace and this is the same symbol required to be always present when there is overflowing love. Where else can that overflowing love lead to but to the altar to celebrate the sacrament of matrimony? That question is the same answer needed, of course. People harbor peace to have peace, so they say and filling your dovewedding theme with objects symbolic of peace indeed brings peace. Love that symbol of peace and you will realize that you’ll love that dove wedding theme.

Setting peaceful and loving tone on your wedding by adapting a dove wedding theme may also include giving away of simple tokens designed with white doves, say body soaps curved like doves, miniature plant boxes resembling that of flying love. The reception area for your romantic wedding theme may also adopt a cafeteria settings or an open plaza where doves afloat all over and the bridal table at the reception may have miniature doves flying all over them. Of course the wedding cake is very symbolic in this occasion and since dove is the creative wedding theme chosen, it can have two kissing doves right on top of the cake in pure while or pale aqua blue colors – or depending on which color is the entire theme may adopt.

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