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A Real Picture of Princess Wedding Theme

A wedding theme starts from the thought of future bride who always thinks to look like a princess or fairy in her marriage event. What can make a girl a princess? Imagine the picture of king, queen and princess or the movie which you have seen. The personality of a princess seems to be different from all of the persons present in a party. Some people think that the princess wedding theme is very difficult to apply in a marriage ceremony but as the matter of fact it is too easy and simple than other themes.  A princess wears different outfit along with the stationery which are unusual.

princess wedding theme

First of all select the bridal shower theme along with best bridal dress. Dress may of any light shade color either pink or white or your favorite color. You can copy the design of a princess dress from the picture you have in the fairytale book. There are princess outfits present in an online market as well as in local market too. If you do not want to waste time go to the designer’s websites and you will found your required dress easily. Generally princess use tiaras with the dress to make the look of fairy. It is used of the matching color and it increases the overall beauty of the bride. Garnish tiara with stones and diamonds to obtain actual appearance of a future queen.

princess wedding theme 1

Set up the bridal stage in the same view of king and queen sitting style with round shaped pillow and two maids at the side of the stage. They will have hand moving fan in their hands and they will move fan throughout the party. The groom dressing is also incomplete with tiaras but it is different from the bride’s design. It would be some heavy and will adorn with pearls and the jewelry in a specific style. The table decoration will also be in the style which is present in an event of king. Vibrant color velvet tablecloth is suitable with the pink seat covers but the seats must have the shape that is used in the king’s wedding.

princess wedding theme 2

Tiaras, brides outfit, table decoration and the menu appearance reflect the princes wedding theme therefore focus on these. The venue of the party will be similar to the King’s castle and will look great. The pots which you will choose for the wedding must have the same design as in olden days kings were used.

princess wedding theme 3

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