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A Real Experience of Las Vegas In Las Vegas Wedding Themes

Las Vegas is all about casinos, money, expensive cars and much more, so it is obvious that Las Vegas wedding themes also are all about the things mentioned above. Everything from the cakes to the aisle that the bride will walk down is going to be related to Las Vegas. Playing cards, jackpots, cars, casinos and huge, tall buildings are what you get in Las Vegas. There is not any prime color in a Las Vegas wedding, it is a mixture of a lot of colors used to make a day remembered by all who visit the wedding and of course by the couple, actually the couple should remember every single moment of their wedding throughout their life, so this means, extra attention to the bride and groom.

The cake and sweets usually make you feel like you are in a royal wedding theme. The cake usually has many things put on it such as cards, palm trees and mostly purple color, well purple is not the prime color but the cake can should have a color that is used most on the city. The cake can bear the word, ’Las Vegas’ written in big letters on it, a casino’s roof on the top of the cake and also some cards on it. It can also have a jackpot put on it.

Other things can be put on like things that can be seen on playing cards, such as hearts, diamonds etc. a combination of red and golden on the cake is a good idea. Another idea for Las Vegas wedding themes is to have a fully white cake with two cards as toppers and some other things on it. It can be written, ‘married in Las Vegas’ on the bottom part. Dices also can be put on it. Flowers give an important impression of Las Vegas, red or pink flowers are the main.

The sweets and cookies should be unique for Las Vegas wedding themes. Cookies can be in the shape and color of playing cards while the sweets can be in the shape of a dice and can be either black and white or red and black. Acorns are widely found in Las Vegas, so sweets can be baked and eaten. Moving on to the décor of the Vegas wedding theme, the table cloths can be of red or purple while the chair décor also can be of the same color. The table numbers can be written on playing cards or dices. Palm trees and casino related things can be kept at places that are visible to everyone.

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