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A Rattling Moroccan Wedding Theme

moroccan wedding theme 3

Morocco is an attractive country that has its high standard for its beautiful traditions and customs. It is very famous for its extravagant culture that admires everyone. In the current era Moroccan wedding theme is adopted by most of the wedding planner only due to its high and rattling appearance. In a Moroccan marriage party you will see the enchanting guests with planned and unplanned staples. The important features of Moroccan style of marriage are the exotic mixture of colors, tastes and sound. Focus on the layers of jewel-toned fabrics, candles, pillow and other items to décor your event in a real affect of the theme. A Moroccan party always gives lots of fun to its participants; if you are applying morocco style in your marriage add many entertaining plans for the enjoyment of guest. You can arrange morocco theme according to your budget because there are two types of party’s style; on large scale and on small scale.

moroccan wedding theme

Wedding themes of Moroccan style offers rich and fabulous ways of charms which are saved in the memory of the participants. Decorate the wedding venue by Moroccan tents and put several pillows for guests. There are prepared invitation cards available in the market you can also select for your party. But remember that creativity does not have its comparison therefore if you use your own ideas in your wedding definitely it will make the event most attractive. Your invitation card must show the exotic inspiration for your selected theme. Increase fun of the party by food, enjoyment activities and music. For a Moroccan marriage babouche slippers or toe’s rings may be given as the wedding favors.

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Hookah and belly dance are the themed wedding ideas if you are selecting the Moroccan style for your marriage occasion. Hookah as centerpiece is ideal for your wedding but you must select when you are arranging your party outdoor in an open area because it emits smoke. You can use mint, jasmine, cocktail and cola flavored tobacco for hookah. A belly dancer will increase the charm of the party therefore hire and she will create a very pretty environment. A soft and slow music will give the hypnotic effect that will mesmerize every one present in the party. Add chicken Tajine with Almonds, sweet oranges slices and Moroccan mint tea in your wedding menu because these are considered essential for a Moroccan wedding theme.

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