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A Perfect Wintery Snowflake Wedding Theme

Who doesn’t love snow? Everyone loves to play in snowy platform and enjoy the winter. Snowflake wedding theme is a perfect way of having a wedding reception in winter. You can create a fake image of snow at your wedding reception. For creating this kind of ambiance you need of course lots of white but you can add some colors too as ice blue and silver. White, silver and ice blue can be the part of color theme of your whole wedding decoration.

For wedding cake make a cake with white cream and toppings should be of silver and ice blue color, you can even use different adornments of shapes like starfish, coral or pearls, it will give the feel of the cold Ocean. At the same time wedding decoration can also include all these kinds of which give it a feel of winter and snow, making a perfect winter wedding theme.

For the bride’s gown; white is traditional and certainly the best one but you can use adornments of silver net or embroidery. Bridesmaids’ clothes can be chosen as icy blue color or silver short dresses with silver or pearl jewelry. For bride’s jewelry white gold with diamond is the perfect. Groom should go with black suit and white shirt, completely traditional and elegant. A beautiful silver brooch on his jacket is more than enough to bring all the attention to him.

Footwear is another thing you should consider it for wedding day. No need to say that shoes has to be very comfortable as you have to stand for long and uncomfortable shoes can wear you off. The color of groom’s shoes definitely be black and of a good brand. For bride’s and bridesmaids’ shoes can be silver with shiny material on it.

The beauty of snowflake wedding theme is the kind of bling-bling material also you can use for it, you can use lots of silver and white and at the same time use different kinds of shiny material which look like a real snow. To create the image of snowfall you can get plenty of things in market to develop the fake ambiance of snow with silver shining. As it is a perfect theme for winter season you can even mix it up with Christmas themed wedding.

Create the ambiance of snowflakes and choose the desirable colors or wedding, if it is at Christmas then choose red and green unless silver and ice blue and give your guests a wedding reception  so that they would never forget how elegant your snowflake wedding theme was.

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