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A Multicolored Rainbow Wedding Theme

The perfect reason for choosing a rainbow wedding theme is that rainbows represent happiness, fun and hope. After all every rain and storm it is rainbow which appears and represents calm and happiness and makes us smile.  To incorporate bright color in your wedding theme is like creating an atmosphere which makes everybody smile with joy and fun. When it comes to venue décor in a rainbow wedding theme flowers in jam jars looks fabulous and pretty multicolored ribbons tied to these beautiful glass vessels makes it look gorgeous.  To create a rainbow wedding theme pick a neutral color that will act as background and then add the rainbow colors. Adding few balloons can be quite fun. Create a multicolored balloon arch over the entry of the venue and shower colorful bits and pieces of multicolored papers across the arch. Innovation is always the key to successful theme, consider having multicolored dresses for the bride and bridesmaids. Another idea can be use of accessories such as rainbow colored clutch bags or multicolored hair pins. Bridesmaids can have rainbow colored shoes and groomsmen can have multicolored ties. The flowers of the bride and bridesmaids and grooms boutonnieres could also be in different colors. Your wedding cake can have different colors. You can have every tier of cake coated in different rainbow color. Colorful gems coated cakes also look good. Place some vintage soda bottles with rainbow colored-juices and different colored candies acts as a wonderful centerpiece. As rainbow weddings theme is fun, quirky and memorable event rainbow theme everything from drinks to candies to food.Always try seasonal food because it adds colors to your menu. Serve Yellow corn with orange squash or purple potatoes with eggplant and include orange and green melons with red and blue berry salad. Garnish it with flowers and herbs.

 For your guests wrap colorful pieces of candy in multicolored ribbons or place multicolored umbrellas or rainbow colored sunglasses on the center tables so that they can wear it during reception.Most couples want their wedding to be unique from the traditional and ordinary wedding. As rainbow gives positive energy to the people and seven colors represent different meaning of life. Season best for rainbow wedding theme is summer season.        

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