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A Demo of Navy Blue Wedding Theme

Do you have it somewhere in your mind that you want to stage your wedding ceremony around the colour blue? If yes is your answer to this then you must be thinking about the shade of blue which you would like to incorporate and you must be confused between the light and dark shade. You might be unable to make up your mind about the colour that attracts you more. You must have the choice to pick sky blue and team it up with white to signify the beauty of clear blue sky or you would be thinking to use royal blue and stage the a royal wedding theme.

    However; beside light and dark blue there is one more shade of it which you would have thought off for your wedding. That classic, crisp and sweet shade of blue is navy blue. Neither the peace of light, nor the royalty of dark but navy blue spreads its own romantic charm to the event.  Navy blue wedding theme is an idea which is not so common. So if you want to choose something unique, you can easily pick navy blue.   Navy blue wedding theme is all about fun. You can team up this colour with white and dusky pink and give the venue a chic vintage twist. If you want to get an idea on how well dusky pink and navy blue match with each other than create a dummy bunting in a mix of these two. Hand the bunting around a chair. Place the chair outdoor. View the bunting from a distance in day light or fully lit place in night. See how it appears to your naked eyes. We are sure that you will instantly fall in love with this superb colour mix.   There are various such ideas which you can apply in advance before you are firm on staging a navy blue wedding theme. Other such idea is to take a white decorative candle, use the navy blue and dusty pink paint colour and paint the candle. Place the candle in the centre of your dining table. View it from close and from a distance in day light and night light. If the colour on these tit bits pleases your eyes and senses then go ahead and enjoy the navy blue wedding theme. IF pink does not go well with navy blue then use some different combination such as white and navy blue,  red and navy blue, sky blue and navy blue in small items for a demo. Pick the one which pleases you the best.

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